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Campaign Announcement

When I decided I wanted to run for City Council last Fall, I did so because I wanted to get Russ out of office and see a shift in the policy making dynamic of Council. After evaluating the At-Large council race over the last few weeks it has become apparent given the current size and make up of the At-Large field, that getting Russ out of office is a near impossibility. Therefore, I have decided that I will not be filing to run for Council this year.

My hope is that by not running, the chances that a remaining candidate can consolidate enough votes to beat Russ will be greater, and I will be freed up to help some candidates in other races unseat other incumbents. You will still find me very involved in this election and I plan to find ways to stay involved in shaping Council’s policies after the election (hopefully with a new set of Councilors).

I want to thank everyone that has supported me over the last several months. I have met many amazing and dedicated people that want to see Raleigh grow in the best possible way. The money left in my campaign will be given to other candidates running for Council.

Speaking of other candidates, below is who I will be supporting. Some races have more than 1 good person running, but part of my decision is based on who has the best chance of winning.

Mayor: Mary-Ann Baldwin. Charles Francis lost my consideration when he backed Stef Mendell and David Cox. While Caroline would probably do a fine job, I feel Mary-Ann has a better articulated vision for Raleigh and the experience to see that it is carried out.

At-Large 1: Nicole Stewart
At-Large 2: Jonathan Melton
District A: Patrick Buffkin
District B: Brian Fitzsimmons
District C: N/A
District D: Saige Martin
District E: David Knight

Thanks again and PLEASE vote on October 8th!

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